Posted by: lklinger2013 | October 5, 2016

Still alive and twitching

This week, there are no classes due to the Chinese national holiday. Aside from sleeping late and reading, I’ve not done much. The other day, I went to Carrefour for the first time. In front of the store itself was an art vendor, who sold me the first painting paper I’ve bought in China. It’s time to get back to painting. I have hardly painted at all here. Haven’t felt like it. Painting seemed pointless, partly because I doubted whether I had any original ideas and partly because I didn’t think anyone would want to look at anything I painted. I am still lonely here.

I’m thinking about those Asian longhorn beetles that are called sky cows in Korean and Mandarin Chinese. I’m also thinking about red-eared sliders and other invasive species. As a native speaking English teacher in China, I am an invader. I teach Chinese high school students who plan to go study in the U.S. and Canada, invaders in the other direction. I want to paint something with at least two invasive species in it, a sort of fusion reflecting my training in traditional East Asian brush painting with my own (Western) ideas. I don’t want to do any more copying.

20161004_230814 20161004_230855

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