Posted by: lklinger2013 | December 15, 2016

Things to Bring to a Chinese Hospital

  1. Passport
  2. Wallet (with lots of cash, bank cards, and ID cards)
  3. Smartphone with WeChat, good internet access, dictionary app*, charger, and extra battery
  4. Your home address and employer, written in Chinese (save in phone notes)
  5. Samples of any prescription drugs you take regularly. Do your best to explain why you take them.
  6. As much cash as possible; seriously, bring a Ziploc bag full
  7. Extra shirts and shorts if you are above average in size (3/4 sleeve button-up shirts are especially good if you have injuries to arms and face)
  8. List of phrases in Chinese and English so you can point to what you need to say (ask coworker to write it out for you)
  9. Water bottle
  10. Toilet paper (the bathrooms don’t have any)
  11. Your own bowl, spoon, fork, etc. You’ll need to buy a meal card and get food from the canteen or have a friend go get it for you.
  12. Scissors to cut your food into small bits (useful if your mouth is injured)
  13. Sense of humor. You’ll need it.

*For those who menstruate, period tracker apps are useful for when the doctor is taking your medical history.

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