Posted by: lklinger2013 | December 31, 2016

Medical update and some left-handed art

This week, I had an MRI on the wrist. Turns out the radius is fractured and the triangular fibrocartilage is torn. That means five more weeks in the splint and no writing with that hand. I made it clear to both doctor and school that I WILL return to work on 1/3 as scheduled. The wrist doesn’t even hurt that much as long as I don’t do anything with it, but the ambiguity about whether or not it was broken was vexing me ferociously.

The hospital has ATM-like machines that allow patients to print their own scans by putting their bar-code stickers under a red light. After printing my scans, I had to look on three floors for a toilet that was not a squatter. I guess I was naïve to expect a hospital to have accessible toilets. It’s not as if disabled people ever go to hospitals anyway.

The most inconvenient thing is having to use the crutch in the wrong hand. Slows me down and throws off my walking rhythm, especially on stairs (which unnerve me these days). Getting anywhere takes longer. So do dressing and washing and preparing food. I can get to important places like Qianfoshan Hospital and Starbucks, though.

The face still hurts, though nothing is bleeding and I can breathe just fine. I use cotton balls to prevent my glasses from hurting the still-healing broken nose.

This week, I managed to grade 50 student final exam essays and will do the grade spreadsheets for the year 12 AP English classes once the other teachers give me the data.

One bright spot: through experimentation I learned that I can still draw and paint with my left hand. Painting with ink and brush feels good. I’m determined to cough up some designs for the Year of the Fire Rooster. The Chinese word for turkey, huo ji, happens to translate literally as “fire chicken” but it’s probably not the same thing. Nevertheless, I’m tempted… 20161222_14270420161224_21123020161224_214205-1-1





  1. Love the new art, and I hope you feel better soon!

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