Posted by: lklinger2013 | March 25, 2017

Ten things make a post

  1. My wrist is splint-free and seems fine now.
  2. The apartment I moved into in December has some electrical problems and the bathroom briefly floods sometimes when I run the washer, but at least the elevator runs.
  3. There are some new teachers at my school, including an economics teacher from India, a history teacher from New Zealand, and an English teacher from the U.S.
  4. So I finally have a “normal” teaching schedule with only one grade 11 English class, one grade 12 English class, and a uni prep class that I’m co-teaching with the librarian. Only three (well, 2.5) gradebooks. Not four and not eight.
  5. Evil Boss is still lying, gas-lighting, and nit-picking.
  6. Evil Boss has been out of the office for medical reasons lately, but still manages to send petty little emails.
  7. I’m looking at other employment options for next year just in case.
  8. I’ve been going to a local build-your-own-soup place a lot lately. You load up on noodles, veg, tofu, and meat and the ingredient bar, pay at the counter, and they cook it for you in broth. No language skills necessary.
  9. The new apartment is next to a small grocery store with a good produce section and strawberries are in season. Location is the main advantage of this apartment.
  10. After nearly two months of sleeping downstairs after the accident, I finally moved back to my bed upstairs. Buying a new mattress pad helped, as did making a new habit of ALWAYS turning on the bedroom light if I get out of bed in the dark.

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