Posted by: lklinger2013 | March 25, 2017

The art of covering stains with embroidery

Today, I covered a white button-up shirt in snails. There were multiple roundish yellowish stains, so I penciled in a snail shell over each, then added an appropriate quote from Simon & Garfunkel. Before that, I stitched a dragon on another white shirt that had suffered an attack of apple juice.

It’s not only white shirts. Stains show on garments of any solid color except black. In addition to covering or making creative use of stains, embroidery can also cover small holes in a garment.

Eventually, every one of my lighter-than-black shirts will probably sport at least one bit of embroidery. Then, I’ll look quirky rather than like someone who can’t wear a shirt more than 30 seconds without spilling something on it.



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