Posted by: lklinger2013 | June 28, 2017

Counting days until summer vacation

The semester is almost over. I’ve been giving speaking tests to year 11 students and working on my gradebook spreadsheet. Written exams are next week.

The year 12s have already graduated. AFTER GRADUATION, a few who had failed required classes suddenly realized that they needed transcripts for the prestigious schools they planned to attend in the fall. Grade-begging after finals I understand. But after graduation?? That was a new one.

Some context: Any student who passes the Chinese national exams recieves a high school diploma, but only students who pass all required classes recieve a certificate and transcript from the International Center of Unnamed Posh School.

I can see my year 11s turning into year 12s. One student has been gone for several weeks for who-knows-what-reason. I will be expected to chase this student down to extract missing assignments.

I have booked my flights to visit the U.S. Only 16 days remain until I take a train to Beijing and then fly to the States. (Note to self: minimize electronic devices, books, and food in carry-on bags. Figure out how to entertain myself through 20+ hours traveling while not triggering extra attention from the TSA. Brace for the inevitable invasive crotch pat-down that my deformed hip apparently requires.)

Chingu will be staying at a different animal hospital this time. The previous one, while making polite excuses about renovation, refused to board her again– probably because she hissed and growled at them too much last time.

I have not written much this semester, largely because I am not happy here. The long commute, the six- and sometimes seven- day weeks, the disorganization, the dishonesty, and the blatant devaluing of English classes (despite what the school’s promotional materials claim) are wearing me down.


  1. I hope you’re enjoying your trip home! It’s too bad you haven’t enjoyed your latest semester, but I hope you keep up the writing with more stories this fall!

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